Turbo timer for supercharger?

S Spec Turbo Timer Install To install this turbo timer you must splice into the main ignition harness. It’s best to buy a wiring harness for the timer because it will make installation easier along with removal. The timer must also be wired up to the parking brake switch since the parking brake has to be set for the timer to function. After all that you ground it and hook everything up and you’re good to go. I did this install on a Plymouth Laser and I’m not responsible if you blow you car or yourself up in the process ;- 1. Start but removing the negative terminal from the battery. Remove the lower dash covering below the steering wheel. Also remove the hood release latch. There are two screws holding it on then you can pop the cable off the latch.

Turbo Timer – Rat2

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INSTRUCTION MANUAL TURBO TIMER type-1 Turbo Timer while the vehicle is parked in a safe location. When the Turbo Timer is operational (timer countdown idle with the lubricates the center cartridge heats up and forms solidified oil deposits. A turbo timer allows an Engine to idle for a preset time after the ignition.

Small Flat Head screwdriver if using Strip Connectors Silicon To extend the life of your turbo the 1KZ-TE engine manual recommends idling the engine for between 20 seconds and 2 minutes, depending on how hard the engine has been driven. Rather than sitting in my wagon looking like a fool I decided I’d put a turbo timer in to take take care of this. I picked up a 2nd hand turbo timer from a local vehicle dismantler. The unit is an old Greddy one, and is very basic. All it does is run the engine for between 1 and 5 minutes after you take the key from the ignition.

However, this unit is pretty much all I require. The unit has four wires; red, black, green and white. That left the green and blue. Connecting it to a battery showed the Green to be the Ignition on, and the Blue to be Accesory. Armed with knowledge I was ready to do the install.

Turbo Timer Install – VW 2000 GTI 1.8T

Thanks for your question and welcome to the community! Older houses may not have a ground, so no worries for your green wire in that regard if you don’t have one. Timers are regarded as specialty switches, and with knowing how they are wired , will get you through this project. A timer is much like how a switch works, it is an interrupter that controls whatever electricity is going past it, in this case your outdoor light in the garage. However, the real kicker is here is determining exactly which digital timer you have.

Some work with tying in certain feed wires, and without seeing exactly which one you have, I can’t make an accurate diagnosis.

May 17,  · I am going to buy a GReddy black turbo timer. I have a 2k Civic Si. Do I need a harness or can I just wire it up? Are the “Parking Brake and Speedo Safety hook-ups” hard to hook up?

I bought the wiring harness optional with the HKS, and highly recommended. This made it a breeze. Many thanks to the two list members who were willing to disassemble their vehicles and look at where their HKS timer wires hooked into the ignition switch wires to assist me in identifying the proper wire color codes. I couldn’t find any web posting for this procedure; all installation pages said use the RX-7 specific harness which was not available.

For those about to undertake this project and also do not have the RX-7 specific harness, I post the wire connection procedure. Connect the 12V red wire from the Greddy timer to the black wire with the green stripe on the [3] ignition harness. Connect the blue ACC wire from the Greddy timer to the solid blue wire on the [3] ignition harness. Connect the green ON wire from the Greddy timer to the black wire with the white stripe.

Connect the black wire to ground. For the purple speedometer signal wire from the Greddy timer, connect it to the green with red wire on the ECU. To identify it, remove the electrical plug nearest the carpet from the ECU. This is a 22 pin plug with two rows of 11 pins, but not all slots have wires coming from them. Position the plug so the lower left slot is empty. Count the wires in the top row from the left.

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Most common housings for this turbo are 0. This is a good turbo if you have an automatic, and can be daily driven. Somewhat bigger than the TS04, this turbo can make rwhp. It requires an upgraded fuel system. Capable of making rwhp, the T66 is a bigger turbo yet, this is probably as big a turbo as I would recommend for the street, it makes full boost right around rpm on most cars, a significant amount of lag, but not horrendous… full boost being 1.

Slightly bigger than the T66, the T70 is probably not a streetable turbo.

I picked up a 2nd hand turbo timer from a local vehicle dismantler. The unit is an old Greddy one, and is very basic. All it does is run the engine for between 1 and 5 .

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Use this faq at your own risk. No guarantees are given or implied, all standard disclaimers If you don’t know what you are doing, take this to a professional! Steps Remove the lower dash panel, two screws below and one plastic screw on the left side panel. Pull from the bottom to loosen and the pull the top parts straight out.

The turbo timer green wire must be connected to the vehicle parking brake wire or earthed directly for the timer to operate. If the vehicle has electric radiator fans (mainly petrol engines) ensure that they can operate during the idle period if required.

I mounted mine in the Blitz Electronic Din Panel instead of by the steering wheel. After the timer is properly mounted in the Din panel, ground the 2 ground wires coming from the relay on the FATT and run the rest of that harness along the left panel, over by the steering column. Connect the other harness with the 3 smaller wires to the timer. Run the purple wire to the base of the hand brake. To do this you must remove the shift boot and console. There is 1 wire coming from the hand brake, use the tap that came via the timer, and tap into that wire somewhere between the brake and the plug it goes into.

Route the orange wire back along under the glove box, and down to your ECU. Use another tap, and tap it into the speed sensor wire. The white wire is for Automatic cars and I did not use it. Go back to the 3 prong harness you routed over by the steering. Remove the 2 covers that cover the ignition area by taking out the 6 screws on the bottom side. At this time take your 3 14 ga.

On the backside of the key cylinder are 6 wires.

Turbo timer installation – VW 2000 GTI, Jetta, New Beetle 1.8T

Note that most turbo timers use the same harness connection, so a GReddy turbo timer harness will work on HKS and Apex timers and vice versa. The most notable difference between harness brands will be any extra wires for auxiliary purposes. First, a look of what we are installing top pic. GReddy turbo timer with its included power harness and auxiliary harness.

The guys over at Turbo Timer Companion Lite set me up with a TTCL to try. When your turbo timer times out, the TTCL will lock your doors and set your alarm. It can also easily be set to close your windows and your sunroof as well.

Use this faq at your own risk. No guarantees are given or implied, all standard disclaimers If you don’t know what you are doing, take this to a professional! Remove the black plastic cover between the steering column and the cluster by pulling up and out. Remove the lower black plastic cover over the pedals, starting with the right panel, then the left. Remove the left side cover for the dash. Not just the fuse door but the whole side, just pull it, it will come out.

Unscrew the fuse panel on the left side and wiggle it till you can get it out some and take the cover off the back. Place the timer where you want it and run the wires for the ignition towards the steering column, if you have a wire for accessory on your turbo timer, don’t worry about it, it is not needed.

How to install a turbo timer

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