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August 1, Football , Players Profiles Both teams qualified for the showdown with most points after a four-game round robin matches played between Wednesday and Friday in Lagos. They had also played out a barren draw when they met at the group stage. Ilorin came tops with eight points from four matches which included two wins against defending champion Port Harcourt and Enugu and two draws from the matches against Abuja and Lagos. Abuja on the other hand, came second after recording a win against Enugu and three draws in the matches against Ilorin, Lagos and Port Harcourt. In the female category, Lagos will attempt to dethrone defending champion, Port Harcourt when they both clash in the first final match to be decided also at the Yabatech Sports Complex, Akoka. Both teams had recorded nine points after a round of three matches before squaring up against each other to determine the group leader.

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The Kwara State Police Command, however, said only one person died in the incident. Sawmill area is populated by vehicle dealers. Vanguard reliably gathered that the crisis was caused by some vehicle dealers who were on their way from Cotonou, Benin Republic who allegedly disobeyed Customs officers who stopped them on their way to Ilorin and were, therefore, chased to the area.

When the Customs officers realised that the suspects were almost escaping into the crowd, they reportedly fired gunshots at the vehicles and left.

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Prior to joining Notore, Raymond led a project for Rolls Royce Civil Aviation on assessing supply chain resource adequacy and optimization for the organization. Before that, he worked with Lafarge Cement in Nigeria for close to a decade in various positions spanning production, sales and marketing, logistics and planning leading improvement measures and resource optimization.

He spent a decade on the export desk of two major export-facilitating banks in Nigeria and was a member of the pioneer team that developed most of the export financing products and instruments that are generally used by most banks in Nigeria today. Madu also pioneered Global Trade, Logistics and Supply Chain Education in Nigeria, with Multimix Academy becoming the leading firm delivering competency based education that has empowered managers across all sectors of the Nigerian economy.

His career with Mr Price Group started as the inaugural candidate of the Future Leaders Program, rotating through the functions and divisions of the group. After some solid achievements in this role he was promoted to the position of General Manager of West Africa. He is based in Lagos. He has vast experience in financial modeling and business development. Tunde was previously a Business Development Manager at Diageo, a consumer goods company with a portfolio of world-famous drinks brands.

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As we look toward the future, NSU College of Pharmacy continues to make strides towards transforming the profession of pharmacy and conducting state-of-the-art research. Our faculty members and students are recognized in research, scholarship, advocacy, and academics. This fall we will introduce a new Entry-Level Pharm. We continue to push boundaries and look for new opportunities to collaborate with other universities and research organizations.

In February we hosted two pharmacists from the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital, Nigeria, as part of our mission and commitment to positively impact pharmacy education and improve global health. Our alumni continue to be the cornerstone of our successes, and their participation on committees and in leadership roles in national organizations continues to provide greater visibility to the college.

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In North Africa its spread was related to the empire-building process which took Islam to Morocco and Spain in the far west and to India in the east whereas in the rest of Africa its diffusion followed a different path. The African dimension goes back to ce when the first Islamic migration to Abyssinia, now called Ethiopia, took place, though its impact there at this early stage is not clear. Scholars, until recently, have not paid sufficient attention to the Islamic intellectual tradition and culture in sub-Saharan Africa which is generally treated as a periphery of the Islamic heartland in the Middle East.

Moreover, studies about Islam in Africa are often marred by the view that gained currency during the colonial era, namely that African Islam represented a syncretic or diluted version of the faith, stripped of elements of its higher tradition. This view is difficult to understand given that Islam is indeed a religion of great synthesis which in the areas where it has spread has interacted with local cultures, enriching them and being enriched by them.

The study of Islam in sub-Saharan Africa is now entering into a new and very interesting phase for instance, witness local and international efforts to help save old manuscripts relating to Tombouctou’s intellectual heritage as scholars begin to look at Africa’s literary tradition and contributions to aspects of Islamic law, mysticism, devotional matters, theology, and history in Arabic or local languages.

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Three Sisters Hill – three hills that stand side by side. Akwa Ibom State Main Towns: Natural sand beaches at Ikot Abasi. Bauchi State Main Towns: Benue State Main Towns: Coal, Limestone, Petroleum, Tin, Columbite. Coffee, Rice milling, Seed crushing for oil. Enchanting scenic view of the Rivers Niger and Benue confluence. Borno State Main Towns: Tomatoes, Carrots, pepper Isorghum. Cross River State Capital:

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Famous Art in Greece Nigeria has an artistic tradition that dates back thousands of years. While much of the country’s early art had a religious or spiritual significance, many of the traditional arts and crafts evolved over time to include practical and decorative items. Many of the local arts and crafts are regional, but most large markets in the major cities sell items from all over the country.

Sculpture Archaeologists in Nigeria have found a tradition of sculpture that dates to at least B. Statues and figurines made of ceramic, bronze, terra cotta and brass have been found in Nigeria. Bronze casting is a traditional art found mostly in the southwestern area of the country.

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It comprises 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory, where the capital, Nigeria is officially a democratic secular country. Modern-day Nigeria has been the site of numerous kingdoms and tribal states over the millennia, the modern state originated from British colonial rule beginning in the 19th century, and the merging of the Southern Nigeria Protectorate and Northern Nigeria Protectorate in The British set up administrative and legal structures whilst practising indirect rule through traditional chiefdoms, Nigeria became a formally independent federation in , and plunged into a civil war from to Nigeria is often referred to as the Giant of Africa, owing to its large population, with approximately million inhabitants, Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and the seventh most populous country in the world.

Nigeria has one of the largest populations of youth in the world, Nigeria is divided roughly in half between Christians, who live mostly in the southern part of the country, and Muslims in the northern part. A minority of the population practise religions indigenous to Nigeria, such as native to the Igbo. It is also listed among the Next Eleven economies set to become among the biggest in the world, Nigeria is a founding member of the African Union and a member of many other international organizations, including the United Nations, the Commonwealth of Nations and OPEC.

The name Nigeria was taken from the Niger River running through the country and this name was coined in the late 19th century by British journalist Flora Shaw, who later married Lord Lugard, a British colonial administrator. The origin of the name Niger, which applied only to the middle reaches of the Niger River, is uncertain. The word is likely an alteration of the Tuareg name egerew n-igerewen used by inhabitants along the middle reaches of the river around Timbuktu prior to 19th-century European colonialism.

The Nok civilisation of Northern Nigeria flourished between BC and AD , producing life-sized terracotta figures which are some of the earliest known sculptures in Sub-Saharan Africa, further north, the cities Kano and Katsina have a recorded history dating to around AD. Hausa kingdoms and the Kanem-Bornu Empire prospered as trade posts between North and West Africa, the Kingdom of Nri of the Igbo people consolidated in the 10th century and continued until it lost its sovereignty to the British in

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Share Tweet Subscribe From massive kidnapping to violent crimes in some parts of Nigeria, plus other crime activities cropping up in other cities, it is enough for anyone to make a decision not to visit the weird country to any further extent. However, while many people are thinking Nigeria to be the worst country to visit, the country is actually becoming safer with thousands of tourists and visitors visiting every year. We chose these cities based on these factors; no religious crisis, no violent crime or kidnapping, low level of aggravated assaults and robberies.

The residents are practically comfortable, great infrastructures and well-developed buildings and roads, low crime rates and economic stability. Here are the 10 safest cities to visit in Nigeria; 1. Lagos Even though, Lagos looks over-crowded, it is still the safest city in Nigeria. The state government spends huge sum on its security, providing well equipped response patrol cars and different security units around the city. Thousands of tourists and visitors visit the city every year and they appear to be at ease anytime they are around.

It has low crime rate, no religious crisis, wonderful parks, environmental supporters and friendly people. Excellent security measures with numerous police stations in every area of the city. There are many of expatriates living in the city because the government provided a peaceful and conducive environment for everyone. Abuja Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria is known for its well designed architectural buildings and neat environment.

It houses the president and every law maker in the country, which has provided the city with well structured security measures and mobile police men who are seen all over the city. This is one place in Nigeria where tourists are at home because they have nothing to worry about when it comes to their safety.

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