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During testing of a paired-pool Skype for Business deployment, it was found that calls to Response Groups were failing on one of the pools; calls were immediately dropped and were not even getting music on hold. Although the Response Group service was running on all three Front End servers in the failing pool, a restart of the service did throw an error: And, after a short while: This last error being particularly confusing: Hmmm… The typical issue with the Response Group service is that these presence watcher objects are orphaned, missing or in some way not matching up with the expected configuration. Such issues can be identified by running the Get-CsApplicationEndpoint cmdlet which will show the contact objects in yellow if this is the case.

A History: ’s Word of the Year

The volatility of current global economic conditions reinforces the need for business owners to save money wherever possible, including making strategic investments in technology solutions for the best ROI return on investment. Adopting an open source software solution is one way to save businesses a great deal of money. Even with businesses sometimes investing in these additional development and support services, open source is often more cost-effective than a proprietary solution and for specialized projects, proprietary solutions usually do not offer the flexibility of being customized, without a huge expense – if, at all.

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And this post is a LONG one, so it took a while! In fact, it’s long enough that I decided to focus on one task only for this week: How to create a Response Group in Lync. A Response Group allows you to route calls to a certain group of people, called agents. It’s how you create customer service call trees, and help desk call centers. Get some coffee first. Select the type of call routing you want to use.

There are five types of call routing to choose from. They determine what order you want Enterprise Voice to call your Response Group. The agent that has been idle the longest is called first.

Using the Agent WebService of the Response Group Service

He has been an important person and friend in my life and that’s how we will remain moving forward. It has a total of million euros intotal liabilities, including a revolver bond of millioneuros maturing in November next year. By all rights we should be dead; a single vacuum tube in free fall happened to hold a charge and world war III didn’t start.

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Solid planning and effective execution of that plan can help an IT transformation set the stage for a new era of enterprise success.

Les McCormack 27 Apr Comments The event prompted a number of governments to study the effects of space weather on their power infrastructure. But there remain areas and sectors where its impact is still uncertain. The UK rail network, for example, is a very large, complex transit system, with around 12, single track kilometers of electrified rail lines. This lack of certainty regarding the impact of space weather on infrastructure prompted Atkins to author a pioneering report on the subject, in conjunction with RAL Space, a scientific research laboratory, and The University of York, both based in the UK.

The study identified several elements in railway networks as potentially vulnerable. First, there is the question of power: For example, during current and future upgrades, the large transformers will be made more resilient to space weather. Where specific assets have been identified as vulnerable, the National Grid has looked at how to re-configure the system to make it more robust. There are also specific responses lined up in the event of any anticipated major space weather incidents.

Even if the electrical grid stays up, trains could still lose power due to space weather. Transformers on the railway network distribute power up and down the line; lose these and electric trains will grind to a halt just as surely as if the entire grid had failed. It should also be noted that disruption scenarios could escalate quickly. In the event of a severe space weather event, many things we rely on in our day-to-day lives could be affected across our infrastructure, not just within the railway, and these combined effects on resilience need to be understood and planned for.

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I spent quite a lot of time trying to understand how normalization rules work. First, I found that normalization rules are. A quick search of the Internet for. Net Expression primers and help guides did not help with understanding how they worked. I finally found a piece of software called RegEx Designer that allowed me to see what is happening in a. Net expression and more importantly a normalization rule.

This time it was a bit different than before , though. This time the delay was only 4 to 5 seconds from the time the agent picked up the phone until audio started, and the delay was only affecting Tanjays. I started off with the standard stuff: I logged into the CA, setup an HTTP based distribution point and updated the certificate templates and certificates on the edge, mediation and front end servers.

Now that certificates included a valid CRL, I restarted the services to make sure the certificate change was applied and restarted the Tanjay to get a nice clean connection. Another call to the response group to test and I see the same delay. At this point I really wanted to see what was going on with the client. I stopped the traces and network captures, and then sent the logs from the Tanjay to the front end server. After looking everything over and discussing with a few other people we realized this was actually a bug one they knew about.

To get a good look at the bug we check the Tanjay log file, the first thing we see is a 3 second delay between here Next, while examining the SIP Stack from the front end, we see another delay of around half a second between the Refer being sent and the coming back: Which means the problem is actually in the Tanjay code. Microsoft is aware of the issue and they are actively working to correct it. Once there is a firmware fix out there I will update this post to notify everyone.

Lync Phone Edition for HP 4110 and HP 4120

When will Lync Online support Enterprise Voice? But there’s also a long answer, and, frankly, it’s pretty interesting. And from the perspective of Lync Online customers, it’s potentially promising for those willing to keep waiting. So let’s take some time to dissect what Microsoft is now saying it plans and does not plan to offer when it comes to baking better telephony capabilities into Lync Online. First, a little backstory.

Make a consultative transfer Find out which groups you are an agent of You may be an anonymous agent, in which case the caller does not see your name, just the name of your group. To see which groups you are an agent of, do the following: The Agent Groups page appears, listing all the groups for which you are an agent and whether you are signed in to each group. There are two types of groups: Formal groups are groups that you need to manually sign in to before you can take calls.

Informal groups are groups that you are automatically signed in to when you sign in to Lync You cannot clear the Signed in check box for these groups. If you are an agent for multiple sites, you get a separate page for each site. Sign in to a formal group To sign in to a formal group, do the following: In the Agent Groups page, select the Signed in check box next to the group.

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It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. Change It wasn’t trendy , funny, nor was it coined on Twitter , but we thought change told a real story about how our users defined Unlike in , change was no longer a campaign slogan. But, the term still held a lot of weight.

The other counters are available for further diagnosis when problems occur. Figure 8- File Location Select the configuration file in the list: Figure 9- File Selection Monitoring Studio checks the content of the file. This process can take a few minutes the configuration file is rather large. Otherwise, click on the [Clear values]. Figure Application Constants Monitoring Studio is ready to import the configuration.

Click [Finish] to start the import. Figure Summary The import process can take a few minutes: It is usually c: The initialization of the monitoring can take a couple minutes to complete. Once this is done, it is recommended to force a full discovery on the PATROL Agent to make sure Monitoring Studio KM takes into account the new configuration immediately without waiting for the next discovery cycle, which occurs by default every hour.

Figure Deploying Configuration File Using wpconfig. In order to identify the components that would need to be removed from the monitoring, you simply have to first “browse” the tree view to find “Windows Service” objects for which the Status parameter cannot be collected it stays OFFLINE, while the rest of the monitoring is properly collected.

Answer and make calls for a response group in Lync 2010

The probe GUI displays unexpected results when such a counter is added to the profile. These monitors vary for each monitoring group. If the delta value is in negative, the probe displays negative values on USM.

Therefore Lync including a feature cold [Response Group]. This gives you the opportunity to create hunt groups or IVR based on a group belongs to a queue. I did not explained the whole configuration of Lync nor prerequisite tasks for RGS. Connect to your Lync Control Panel through your browser with https: Acknowledge the SSL certificate error.

Enter the valid credentials which meets CSAdministrators security. Change to register Response Groups. First of all you have to create an attendee group with the users who should receive the calls from response group number.

Skype for Business – Joining call groups (response groups)

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